Deb and Jim Kehoe

I highly recommend Cherry Productions for every bride and groom

The team at Cherry Productions went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect in our wedding video. The final clip perfectly captured the feel of the day and they managed to get in a shot of everyone (smiling!).

The Wilmington City Orchestra ​

We’ve been able to sell the tape to thousands of fans of our  orchestra

Robert and JC did a great job capturing the music festival on film. While the acoustics 
were challenging since it was an outdoor venue on a windy day, the video they 
produced was fantastic!

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Event booking



We coordinate and book performances, studio sessions, and rehearsals and assist artists with day-to-day strategies, task management, maintaining a schedule, and travel logistics.

Music copyright &

publishing administration


This service includes copyright registration of works of the Performing Arts including music, lyrics, and sound recording. We also will form you a Publishing Company with a Performing Rights Organization.




We help artists by discussing, developing, and thoroughly understanding their professional and personal goals, objectives, and needs. Our sessions consist of artist development, critical listening, and honest feedback.

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music production services 


  • Artist Management

  • Copyright & Publishing Administration

  • Full-Production

  • Consultation Services

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  • Gospel

  • Inspirational

  • R & B

  • Soul

  • Jazz 

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We are committed to delivering premium quality music entertainment production services.