We offer quality on services to help you launch a career in music entertainment.



Our mission

At iKenRock, we believe that every client has a unique and distinguishable path as we operate tirelessly alongside the artist to impel him or her into achieving their desired professional goals.

About us

iKenRock Entertainment is an independent company committed to delivering unparalleled music production services; services that incorporate artist, producer, and songwriter management, copyright, and publishing administration, and brand building. Led by industry professionals with two decades of leadership and music industry experience.


We offer unrivaled quality on services such as overseeing the artist recording process, music, and video production as well as artist development programs to establish personal branding and assisting with marketing and promotion on a competitive professional level.

if iKenRock...you can rock

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When we work with artists and songwriters, we become family. We believe in them, their music, their talent, their vision, dreams, and their goals.  Work with us.



Music copyright &

publishing administration


We provide copyright registration services and will form a Publishing Company with a Performing Rights Organization.

Event booking



We coordinate and book performances, studio sessions, and rehearsals.  We provide task management, schedule, and travel logistics.




We will discuss, develop, and understanding your professional and personal goals, objectives, and needs. 


Event Calendar


Featured Talent

Parris Bowens

Meet Parris Bowens, a long-time musician edging towards a career as a singing artist. Born in August 1980 in Philadelphia to Pastor and Evangelist Parris and Valerie Bowens, Parris hails from a musical family hence his early exposure to music. 

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music production services 


  • Artist Management

  • Copyright & Publishing Administration

  • Full-Production

  • Consultation Services

services provided for:

  • Gospel

  • Inspirational

  • R & B

  • Soul

  • Jazz 

who we are

We are committed to delivering premium quality music entertainment production services.